Benevento-Inter, Sunday 1 October 2017

Benevento-Inter, Sunday 1 October 2017

If they were to emerge with the three points from the Giallorossi’s ground, their ambitions could begin to strengthen.

Benevento-Turin prediction

The match between Benevento and Turin seems like an excellent opportunity for the Granata, considering the evanescence of the home attack, even if the Turin defense will have to pay attention to the unleashed Ciciretti. Goldbet’s odds confirm our first impression, giving the home team’s victory at 4.30, compared to 3.70 for a draw and 1.82 for an away victory. For our part, we are aiming precisely for a statement from Torino, or alternatively, for a DD which is given at 1.65.

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Probable Benevento-Turin lineups

Benevento (4-4-2): Belec, Lucioni, Costa, Venuti, Di Chiara, Cataldi, Memushaj, Ciciretti, Iemmello, D’Alessandro and Coda. Coach: Baroni.

Torino (4-2-3-1): Sirigu, N’Koulou, Moretti, De Silvestri, Barreca, Rincon, Obi, Ljaic, Niang, Iago Falque and Belotti. Coach: Mihajlovic.

The top flight returns for its ninth act, after the European cups and the third day of the Champions League and Europa League group stage could have left its mark on the teams involved. If the epicenter of the program is in Naples, where the top two in the league are playing, among the other matches there is also the one between Benevento and Fiorentina, which is awaited by the fans of the two teams.

Benevento-Fiorentina, Sunday 22 October 2017

Napoli continues to travel without points, after yet another defeat suffered in Verona, against a direct competitor like Hellas. Unfortunately, Baroni’s boys continue to not show the slightest sign of life going forward and the playing figures also expressed by the Campania players do not find concrete outlets. Probably in January the club will intervene to remedy the situation, but by then Benevento’s fate could already have been sealed by an inglorious relegation. Unless things start to change as early as the match against the Viola. Fiorentina arrives in Campania after the victory against Udinese which has significantly calmed the atmosphere. The team is very young and underwent a significant restyling in the summer, an aspect that the fans did not fail to evaluate, deciding not to miss out on their contribution. However, Pioli seems to have managed to achieve a decent performance and is aiming to increase the understanding between the members of the squad, which could lead to good growth, such as to project the Tuscans into the group of teams aiming for the Europa League.

Benevento-Fiorentina prediction

The match between Benevento and Fiorentina is a sort of last resort for the hosts, called to break their fast. If a new defeat were to arrive, we could already start talking about an irreparable crisis for Baroni’s men. As far as we are concerned, we recommend betting on an Under 3.5, quoted at 1.39 or on a Multigol 1-3 1st T quoted at 1.36 on GoldBet, which offers all new customers a 100% bonus up to €50 on the first bet. Furthermore, for those who bet via the App, there is an additional bonus of €5.

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The Serie A championship is heading towards the eleventh round, which could provide new results on the teams’ form. Among those who are in an excellent moment there is certainly Lazio, fresh from the victory in Bologna, called to a new away match, this time at the home of the derelict Benevento. A match that seems doomed from the start for the willing team from Campania.

Benevento-Lazio, Sunday 29 October 2017

Lazio seen in Bologna broadly confirmed their excellent momentum. In the first half he literally strolled, scoring two goals, missing a penalty and hitting four posts. In the second half, however, he risked something, even if the Bologna draw would absolutely not have reflected the progress of the match. However, the Biancocelesti must be careful of drops in tension if they want to continue their excellent path. Benevento leaves Cagliari with honor, but with a new defeat, this time even bloodier due to the way it arrived. The equalizer obtained from a penalty in the 94th minute seemed to have finally allowed the Campania team to obtain their first point in the top flight, but Pavoletti’s goal in the last action destroyed the dream, which at this point is now a nightmare. Also considering that the match against Lazio is extremely complicated, precisely considering the excellent form of Inzaghi’s men. [su_service title=”

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Benevento-Lazio prediction

The match in Benevento sees the guests as clear favourites. The match promises to have a fairly obvious tactical script, with Immobile and his teammates ready to attack from the first minutes and the Giallorossi trying to start the counterattack, to try to take advantage of any opponents’ imbalances. As far as we are concerned, we recommend betting on a victory for Lazio quoted at 1.28 or on an Over 2.5 quoted at 1.40 on GoldBet, which offers all new customers a 100% bonus up to €50 on the first bet. Furthermore, for those who bet via the App, there is an additional bonus of €5.

The 2017/2018 Serie A Tim championship calendar has finally taken shape. Here are all the matches that will make up the season that is about to begin.

It starts on 20 August 2017 and there will be three midweek rounds and five breaks, finishing on 20 May 2018 and giving space to the Ventura national team which will be involved in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Below you can see the calendar in graphic or tabular form, or download it in PDF.

Serie A 2017/2018 calendar

Download the Serie A Tim 2017-2018 calendar in PDF

All the matches of the next Serie A

Day 1
20.08. 3pm Atalanta Rome
20.08. 3pm Bologna Turin
20.08. 3pm Crotone Milan
20.08. 3pm Inter Florentine
20.08. 3pm Juventus Cagliari
20.08. 3pm Lazio Spal
20.08. 3pm Sampdoria Benevento
20.08. 3pm Sassuolo Genoa
20.08. 3pm Udinese Chievo
20.08. 3pm Verona Naples
Day 2
27.08. 3pm Benevento Bologna
27.08. 3pm Chievo Lazio
27.08. 3pm Crotone Verona
27.08. 3pm Florentine Sampdoria
27.08. 3pm Genoa Juventus
27.08. 3pm Milan Cagliari
27.08. 3pm Naples Atalanta
27.08. 3pm Rome Inter
27.08. 3pm Spal Udinese
27.08. 3pm Turin Sassuolo
Day 3
10.09. 3pm Atalanta Sassuolo
10.09. 3pm Benevento Turin
10.09. 3pm Bologna Naples
10.09. 3pm Cagliari Crotone
10.09. 3pm Inter Spal
10.09. 3pm Juventus Chievo
10.09. 3pm Lazio Milan
10.09. 3pm Sampdoria Rome
10.09. 3pm Udinese Genoa
10.09. 3pm Verona Florentine
Day 4
17.09. 3pm Chievo Atalanta
17.09. 3pm Crotone Inter
17.09. 3pm Florentine Bologna
17.09. 3pm Genoa Lazio
17.09. 3pm Milan Udinese
17.09. 3pm Naples Benevento
17.09. 3pm Rome Verona
17.09. 3pm Sassuolo Juventus
17.09. 3pm Spal Cagliari
17.09. 3pm Turin Sampdoria
Day 5
20.09. 8.45pm Atalanta Crotone
20.09. 8.45pm Benevento Rome
20.09. 8.45pm Bologna Inter
20.09. 8.45pm Cagliari Sassuolo
20.09. 8.45pm Genoa Chievo
20.09. 8.45pm Juventus Florentine
20.09. 8.45pm Lazio Naples
20.09. 8.45pm Milan Spal
20.09. 8.45pm Udinese Turin
20.09. 8.45pm Verona Sampdoria
Day 6
24.09. 3pm Cagliari Chievo
24.09. 3pm Crotone Benevento
24.09. 3pm Florentine Atalanta
24.09. 3pm Inter Genoa
24.09. 3pm Juventus Turin
24.09. 3pm Rome Udinese
24.09. 3pm Sampdoria Milan
24.09. 3pm Sassuolo Bologna
24.09. 3pm Spal Naples
24.09. 3pm Verona Lazio
Day 7
01.10. 3pm Atalanta Juventus
01.10. 3pm Benevento Inter
01.10. 3pm Chievo Florentine
01.10. 3pm Genoa Bologna
01.10. 3pm Lazio Sassuolo
01.10. 3pm Milan Rome
01.10. 3pm Naples Cagliari
01.10. 3pm Spal Crotone
01.10. 3pm Turin Verona
01.10. 3pm Udinese Sampdoria
Day 8
15.10. 3pm Bologna Spal
15.10. 3pm Cagliari Genoa
15.10. 3pm Crotone Turin
15.10. 3pm Florentine Udinese
15.10. 3pm Inter Milan
15.10. 3pm Juventus Lazio
15.10. 3pm Rome Naples
15.10. 3pm Sampdoria Atalanta
15.10. 3pm Sassuolo Chievo
15.10. 3pm Verona Benevento
Day 9
22.10. 3pm Atalanta Bologna
22.10. 3pm Benevento Florentine
22.10. 3pm Chievo Verona
22.10. 3pm Lazio Cagliari
22.10. 3pm Milan Genoa
22.10. 3pm Naples Inter
22.10. 3pm Sampdoria Crotone
22.10. 3pm Spal Sassuolo
22.10. 3pm Turin Rome
22.10. 3pm Udinese Juventus
Day 10
25.10. 8.45pm Atalanta Verona
25.10. 8.45pm Bologna Lazio
25.10. 8.45pm Cagliari Benevento
25.10. 8.45pm

The fourth day of the top Italian football tournament is preparing to provide new evidence on the teams’ state of form. The first three days saw the group of teams with maximum points gradually being whittled away, a category in which, to date, only Juventus, Napoli and Inter can enter. The Neapolitans themselves have a great opportunity to continue their winning streak, against a Benevento team that has been quite unlucky so far and is still at zero.

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Napoli-Benevento, Sunday 17 September 2017

The Napoli we saw in Bologna did not impress, but they still won 3-0. A sign of the maturity achieved by Hamsik and his companions, who are now able to win matches even when the game does not follow the usual tracks. The feeling is that optimal form is still to be achieved, while the mental state is already excellent, also thanks to the wave of positive results achieved at the start of the season. With Benevento we therefore expect a Napoli that is up to par.

Benevento arrives at the San Paolo after yet another defeat, the absolutely undeserved one against Torino. Ciciretti and his teammates had control of the game for a long time, but once again suffered the lightness of an evanescent attack. In the end, Torino just took advantage of the only real opportunity to take home the full prize. Now comes the away match at San Paolo, which doesn’t seem the most suitable to be able to find precious points with a view to salvation. Baroni just has to grit his teeth, hoping that the storm will pass soon.

Napoli-Benevento prediction

The match in Naples sees the hosts naturally favoured, thanks to a fairly evident technical difference, while Benevento seems destined to play the role of sacrificial victim. For our part, we recommend betting on the Neapolitans’ victory, quoted at 1.10, or on an Over 2.5 which would bring the odds to 1.28 on GoldBet, which offers all new customers a 100% bonus up to 50 € on the first bet. Furthermore, for those who bet via the App, there is an additional bonus of €5.

Napoli-Benevento: probable lineups

Napoli (4-3-3): Reina, Albiol, Koulibaly, Maggio, Ghoulam; Allan, Hamsik, Jorginho, Insigne, Mertens and Callejon. Coach: Sarri.

Benevento (4-4-2): Belec, Lucioni, Antei, Venuti, Di Chiara, Lombardi, Cataldi, Lazaar, Memushaj, Puscas and Coda. Coach: Baroni.

Serie A is about to play the seventh round, before the international break. The ranking sees Napoli and Juventus still with full points, with Inter trailing by two points.

The Nerazzurri themselves are called upon to face the derelict Benevento, in an apparently obvious match.

Benevento-Inter, Sunday 1 October 2017

Benevento suffered yet another defeat at the start of the season, this time on the Crotone pitch. Unfortunately, once again the total inadequacy of the Campania attack was confirmed, which almost never managed to worry the grim Calabrian rearguard. When Viola also missed a penalty, it was completely clear how the match was compromised. Now comes Inter, a match that the Giallorossi will have to face with great caution, so as not to be overwhelmed. The Inter seen at the Meazza against Genoa certainly didn’t excite the Nerazzurri fans. The victory only came at the end of a match that saw Spalletti’s men often in difficulty facing a determined opponent. Against Benevento the Nerazzurri are therefore called upon not only to win, but also to dissolve the terrible impression left against the Ligurians.

Benevento-Inter prediction

The match scheduled for Benevento comes with a fairly obvious prediction, in favor of Inter. Benevento has so far shown that it cannot sustain itself at these levels and it seems unlikely that it can start to do so now. For our part, we recommend betting on an Over 2.5 quoted at 1.53, or on a Multigol 2-4 quoted at 1.52 on GoldBet, which offers all new customers a 100% bonus up to €50 on the first bet. Furthermore, for those who bet via the App, there is an additional bonus of €5.

Serie A is preparing to give life to an extremely interesting sixth act. With the advance of the calendar, and therefore of the form, the verdicts coming from the field are increasingly closer to the reality of the facts and the ranking is taking on an increasingly defined aspect. This weekend too he will be called upon to give new answers and probative indications.

Crotone-Benevento, Sunday 24 September 2017

Among the scheduled matches, one of the most interesting, from a survival perspective, is the one that will pit Crotone and Benevento against each other.

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